Monday, December 30, 2013

Long time, No.. Blog??

Yes, yes... I know, the title pretty much sums it right up! I have put off blogging, not for mere months, -  but for YEARS in fact.  The last blog posted was from 2011 and to say ALOT has happened would prrrrrrrrrobably be a ridiculous understatement.  Rather than go into specifics... I think I'll just short form this bad boy, for the purpose of saving time and my sanity :
 Stuff that happened:
  1.  the kids grew a bit - apparently this happens when you provide them with food and water -  who knew? they are awesome and amazing and wonderful and I love them to freaking pieces!
  2.  we moved, not just once, but twice.  we finally landed in our own home - woot woot to being a grown up home owner!
  3.  the man and I made it legal.  it didn't take him long to put a ring on it, however the paperwork took longer us than usual.  no biggie though... I loves him and we made it legal!
  4. we became pet owners to a wonderful pain in the @$$ seal point Siamese cat named Padme
  5. my work has taken off like a wild fire.  weddings, babies, families, events and as of late boudoir!
As the new year approaches, and my website is currently undergoing a massive makeover, I figured it was time to place the blogging hat upon my head once more.  The goal is a once a week blog post, and we'll see how it goes from there.