Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sara & Jeremy

Sara and Jeremy

I have known Sara since highschool. Since we both doned the acclaimed CTC red t-shirts, and spent hours behind the cash registers, doing what we deemed as "working" but to the average joe, looked more like a social get together filled with giggles, laughter and a few canadian tire dollars being tossed around.

Sara's family asked me to photograph them last summer, and while I'm fairly certain it was the HOTTEST day on record, we all had a blast. Even then you could tell the spark between these two was strong. They share the most gorgeous little girl together, Miss Marlee, but they're love is much deeper than just that of two people who have a baby together - this pair is connected, deep to the core, and committed to each other. Whether its just holding hands, or an inside joke, or just a look between them, you can tell they are madly in love.

When Sara asked me to photograph their wedding, I was THRILLED. Who wouldn't want to photograph two people who are so much in LOVE?!

Here is their slideshow! Please click the link below!

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